Afrocentric Model

The KNIR (Kwame Nkrumah Information & Resource) site utilizes a synthetic Afrocentric model. This simply means that data is assessed according to its ability to enhance African macro-agency. Language and terms used also adhere to these parameters with the exception of quoted documents or other exact source materials. The one exception to the previous statement is the liberty that we have taken to remain flexible in the usage of English spelling. Occasionally there is the insertion or removal of the "u" in words originally spelled with the "u" following an "o." These examples pop up frequently in words such as color (colour), labor (labour), etc.

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African Centered

The Afrocentric model employed here recognizes the subject-object nature of knowledge. Simply put, we accept the independent nature of true facts yet we realize the dependent relationship of questions and codification. Therefore, while this site will serve as a resource for researchers from varying vantages, it is unapologetically centered on Africa, the African People, and the African experience.

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Nkrumahist Formula

The synthesis is enhanced by the Nkrumahist formula to expand the experiences of "traditional Africa" with those of the Islamic and Euro Christian experiences. In this light, the Sahara serves as a bridge rather than a barrier. The African experience outside of Africa is seen as a continuation of African culture. Islam and Christianity are seen as idea systems with the potential for Africanization.

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