African Conditions

As this site is being launched (November 2000 - European Imperial Dating system), there is a set of border and micronational squirmishes taking place in the African continent. At the same time the movement to unify Africa as one nation is picking up momentum. The threats of diseases, socially and naturally constructed, challenge the very continued existence of African People. Only radical solutions can address these radical problems. These solutions require the emancipated energies of the African masses and the positive synthesis of their diverse cultural experiences.

Nkrumah saw the revolutionary organization of the African People as a prerequisite to the real freedom of Humanity. For Nkrumah, world peace required the freedom of the African masses to develop the resources of Africa unrestrained by the selfish interest of foreign empires. The problem is that Nkrumah's voice has not been sufficiently distributed. This site is effort to rectify that situation.

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Interest in Nkrumah's Works

The rich bibliography available through this site reveals the increasing interest by scholars, especially Africa-centered and Afrocentric ones, to familiarize them with the works of Nkrumah. Refreshingly, younger scholars have written requesting access to our banks of information. Parts of this site are constructed with these requests in mind. In Ghana, Nkrumah is constantly reborn. The increasing interest in the Pan-African movement is also giving rise to an increased interest to know Nkrumah. The BBC registered Nkrumah as the African of the Twentieth Century. This site shows how they came to that awareness.

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African Unity

Not only scholars are interested in the works of Nkrumah. The African unity movement is again gaining speed among African activists. The standard paradigms of conflict resolution offered by World Bank type entities have been rejected by many of the activists in Africa, governmental and non-governmental alike. Austerity measures, commonly known as SAPs (structural adjustment programs), have acerbated poverty where they have been employed. Activists are again looking inward to resolve the problems facing the African populace. Finally, Nkrumah's messages are gaining widespread currency among the leadership in Africa for it has long been accepted as the common sense of the masses ordinary persons.

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